Entrepreneurship Workshop


During this workshop, approximately 30 participants will be divided into work groups based on their professional backgrounds to explore the early stages of starting a business in a simplified, miniature format. Each group will tackle:

  • Identifying a business opportunity and crafting a basic business idea
  • Assessing the market and exploring risks and rewards on a small scale
  • Creating a brief business plan and outlining a method for its basic validation
  • Planning short pitches for stakeholder engagement

The session will culminate in each group presenting their business idea to a panel of invited experts. The aim is to simulate the business development process in a basic, scaled-down manner, without the expectation of extensive results. The group with the most effective business proposal will be recognized with an award.


The DTM 2024 registration form includes a checkbox for expressing interest in an additional workshop. If you wish to participate, please transfer an extra fee of €10, in addition to the DTM registration fee (€20 for engineers, €10 for students), to DJIV's bank account by May 5th, 2024. Please be aware that seats are limited, and not all applicants may be able to participate. Preference will be given to DJIV members, and a randomized selection process will be utilized. For more details, please refer to Registration.