Yemeni Youth Capacity Building:
Opportunities and Challenges

Looking beyond the horizon in supporting post-conflict reconstruction in Yemen

Once the war in Yemen comes to an end, Yemeni engineers based in Germany will be called upon to work in the realm of a post-war reconstruction plan that will take many years. Efforts will revolve - among other things - around modernizing and even rebuilding the infrastructure including the sectors of energy, telecommunication, roads, water and sanitation and others. It is expected to be a massive undertaking that will require collaboration of all Yemeni professionals in the diaspora. 

DTM 2021 aims at identifying opportunities and challenges to strengthen Yemeni youth capacity building.  By addressing the gaps and needs, both current and emerging, DTM 2021 will explore the programs and projects that can be initiated or improved to open the doors for Yemeni youth employment.  

The DTM 2021 will take place in Frankfurt on September 25th, 2021, and will be followed by the DSF Workshop on September 26th, 2021. 

Both events will take place in the same venue on two consecutive days:

  • DTM 2021 (25.09.2021) will focus on presenting and discussing knowledge and experience in the era of entrepreneurship in Yemen, more focused on solar energy and microfinance. The target audience is all DJIV's members (including students) as well as all institutions and organizations of common interest.
  • DSF Workshop (26.09.2021) will be dedicated for DJIV's members only, featuring two workshops organized by the DJIV Scientific Forum (DSF), which aim at career development and improving the leadership and communication skills of the DJIV's members.

Keynote Speakers

Abdulaziz Al-Mikhlafi

Secretary General 
Arab German Chamber of Commerce and Industry   

Invited Speakers

Senior Fellow
Energy Access and Development Program (EADP)
Project Manager
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Project Manager
DW Akademie

Solar Energy Consultant
Ramboll Group A/S

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